What is a dissertation defense

The countdown of the time needed to defend a thesis begins when you begin to think and write a dissertation.  Every day of your training, you come closer to what it would be like to attract an audience with your scientific work and demonstrate all your acquired and acquired skills for your profession.  This procedure includes the rationale for your choices and decisions, for example, in relation to the choice of theory and relevant research methods.  At the beginning of the path, you need to decide on the topic of the thesis and, of course, on your supervisor.  This person should be as competent as possible and have extensive experience and practice in your specialty.  The next point that brings you closer to protection is the approval and approval of your research topic. After approval   From start to finish, you should share with your leader your ideas and goals to be achieved in the project.  You should also learn to explain and defend your project in public, as you become more confident in yourself and your decision.   The last point of defense of a scientific project is the most important and exciting part.  And now you are already standing on the department and confidently defending your dissertation defense - this is the defense of the dissertation, which comes at the end of a long and complicated process and can unfold over a number of years.   A doctoral dissertation defense is an important…

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