Descriptive essay examples

From school we get small essays for homework. We begin to describe small things: objects, room around us, nature outside, and then we described heroes of the books, their look and character. The students are moving little forward - they use sensory information. The sense of touch, smell, sight etc. are used to more fully convey sensations and atmosphere, almost immersing the reader in the narrative. A descriptive essay has qualities such as: - brevity and clarity - use of images - use of sensory information For such essays, a clear and concise type of narration is necessary. The writer uses images to make the immersion effect even stronger and things felt as real. The use of the five senses creates more voluminous and vivid picture, albeit slightly different from person to person. How to distinguish a description from a descriptive essay? The description may occupy the entire paragraph, and may be longer, if necessary for a more comprehensive description of the subject. But a descriptive essay, if it is well written, of course, includes an introduction with a well-written thesis, three paragraphs and a logical conclusion. Examples of descriptive essay in the literature: ‘Life in the Iron Mills’ by Rebecca Harding Davis's In this passage, smoke is described in an absolutely unbelievable way. It seems that you are now in this city and walk along the street, barely distinguishing the faces of people passing you by, and they were covered with gray veil.…

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